About us

We are a husband and wife team, Rob Luxton and Joann Chow, specialising in Creative and Management Services to the Event, Theming and Construction industry. We also work on Private projects for individuals or groups that need to achieve something unique.

Founded in 2001, by product and interior designer Robert Luxton, Aeroporto began life creating hand-sculpted tensioned fabric installations for events and exhibitions, and quickly became known as a tensioned fabric specialist offering unique, versatile and dramatic ways to transform spaces for large scale projects such as concerts, Gala Dinners and launch events. Rob spent fours years working on two Theme-parks, creating and delivering attractions, namely Ocean Park (Panda House, AquaCity, The Grand Aquarium, Rainforest, Polar Adventure) and Hong Kong Disneyland (Grizzly Gulch Mountain).

In 2010, Joann Chow became a company partner, helping to expand and evolve the business. In 2017, Rob joined the team at Scenario Cockram to help design, fabricate and deliver the new Castle for Hong Kong Disneyland, and more recently to design the new indoor waterpark at Studio City, Macau. With this raft of experience, Aeroporto has the experience and confidence to design and deliver fast-paced, complex projects, superbly crafted installations and extraordinary experiences. We offer Concept and Design Development, Creative Direction, Total fabrication services, Project & Production Management, Vendor Management and Event Creation.

We have a particular skill set that enables us to work on complex creative projects and tackle anything out of the box. We are fast-moving problem solvers with the creative and technical knowledge and experience to pull everything together and make it happen. We have years of experience working collaboratively with Designers, Artists, Architects, Engineers, Venues, Fabricators, Factories and Speciality vendors. Whether you have an idea that needs formalising, a design that needs fabricating, or an overall project that needs delivering, we can support you.

We work seamlessly together and form a powerful team that happily operates independently or can synergise into an existing group to help advise or lead. We are both exceptionally driven, diligent, hardworking and dedicated to completing projects quickly, efficiently and within budget. We thoroughly enjoy the process, making things happen, and seeing happy smiling faces at the end.


  • Design and Creative Direction
  • Corporate and Private Art installations & Sculptures
  • Event Production, Venue Decoration & Management
  • Themed Facade Design, Fabrication & Management
  • Exhibition Design and execution
  • Tensioned Fabric Installations & Structures
  • POS, Display and Signage manufacture
  • VM and Window Display
  • Packaging & Collateral
  • Graphic Design


  • Project Management, Production Management, Vendor Management
  • Concept and Design Development
  • Detailed Design, Construction Drawings
  • Prototyping, Scale Models, mock-ups, Samples
  • Manufacture: Fibreglass, GRC, Metal Work, Sculptures, Art Glass, Wood
  • Procurement
  • Installation Services
  • Kinetic and mechanical art works
  • Business Development