Cosmic Bobble – Clockenflap 2015

Cosmic Bobble – Clockenflap 2015


To honor and celebrate COSMIC and the COMMUNAL, we designed and created ‘The Cosmic Bobble’, a sanctuary to unwind and reflect; a place to escape from everyday reality, chill out with friends and space out.

The futuristic structure sits at Clockenflap like an intergalactic exploration vessel just landed… capable of transporting passengers to the far reaches of the universe. At night bright changing lights shine on the structure. Its impossible to miss. Two enclosed passageways, block out light and lead people into the interior, revealing a ceiling made up of thousands of mirrored fragments, creating a beautiful mirror mosaic sky. The acoustics inside the space are out of this world.




Cosmic Bobble – Clockenflap 2015. Gently changing light inside reflects off each fragment, creating a ceiling you can’t quite focus on, can’t quite put your finger on, mirroring the sense of infinity you have when lying on the grass as a child looking up at the stars.  Enjoy

Design & Construction

The modified 3V frequency Geodesic structure is built using 2″ x 2″ construction timber, skinned with 5mm plywood. The higher the frequency, the smoother the dome becomes, but that in turn increases the number of struts required and complexity to build it. Using this kind of construction method, combined with the Polycarbonate mirror allowed us to create the installation within the budget and without using CNC machines. This is a handcraft piece.

The two entrance ways are lined with quantum sequins, inside the dome are 101 internal panels, each covered in hand cut mirror fragments. The light source inside the structure varies between programmed LED’s and random scatter laser beams.